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Janpos Smart Eyes Create A Better World


Focusing on the research, development, production and application of various intelligent manufacturing related products. 



Machine vision(3.0)
? Linear array, area array, 3D universal controller
? More than double the processing power
? Anyone can easily complete complex functions
Machine vision(2.0)
? High customization
? High stability
? Highly integrated and customizable
? Flexible IO output mode
? Good interface protection
Vision sensor
? Low power design
? High integration
? Minimalist shape design
Barcode reader
? Single cable connection makes wiring easier
? Active miniaturization
? Built-in LED sight, clearly indicating the field of view
High-precision measuring instrument
? High-speed scanning, up to 600 times per second
? Long service life
? High precision, repeatability 1μm
Size measuring instrument
? Multi-directional measurement
? Stable real-time monitoring system
Laser scanning measuring instrument
? Accurate detection Repeatability 1μm
? Flexible & convenient
? More stable measurement
? Wider measuring range
3D laser sensor
Vibration feeding controller
? Safe voltage stabilization
? Multi-function interface settings
? Intelligent photoelectric sensor
Motion detector
? Up to 0.1μm resolution
? Zero calibration
? Sensor head protection level
Small photoelectric sensor
? Stable high-transmittance target detection function
? Suitable for various working environments and fields
? Small size & easy to install
Ultra-small laser sensor
? Low current consumption
? Ultra-small size
? Sensitive high-precision detection
Optical fiber amplifier
? Extremely simplified design, more compact body
? High-precision detection, more stable performance
? Automatic maintenance to eliminate environmental impact
Digital fiber optic sensor
? Simple settings, you can complete
? Automatic maintenance
? Easily penetrate oil and dust
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